Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Had a great day making my Open Spine bound book at Carole King’s workshop on Wednesday. Lots of different papers to choose from for the cover so this time I picked a very girly, red-hearts on blue background – definitely not my usual choice! Bit fiddly in places, but we all finished on time and everyone’s was very different.
We were lucky that Carole had cut the two card covers for each of us beforehand, and each bundle of pages (signatures) so that we could focus on creating the book. As the tapes go across the spine of the book on the outside, they have to be stuck to the inside of the cover board - so we cut out layers to match where the end of the tapes would be stuck. You can just about see the drawings measuring where to cut in the pictures here. Stuck outside cover on one board then carefully stitched all the pieces together. As you can see from the spine of mine - almost a perfect pattern!
I love my book so will use it for all the small sketches and paintings I have done over the years rather than just look at a beautiful – but empty – book! Look out for her courses contact@nantdesigns.co.uk and other courses at Ceridwen Centre, Drefach maggie@makeitinwales.co.uk

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